Beached II

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Whilst travelling out on the open sea, your boat sinks. You, and two others are washed onto a tropical island. The island is a paradise, with trees, bananas, coconuts, and vines. However, you suddenly remember the long range weather forecast. A hurricane will devastate this area in about one week. You must work hard to build a raft to get off the island, but also make sure you keep alive by eating, drinking and sleeping. The other survivors must build their own rafts too. You must decide if and when you help them, or if you line your own pockets with gold.

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Version: 1.4; Release Date: May, 1999
License: Shareware (Free to try); Price: US $8

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OS Version  Requires
Classic Mac OS 7.0 or later; 256 colors
Mac OS X Classic Compatibility Environment

Version History

Version Changes
1.0 The Original.
1.0.1 Fixed a memory leak.
1.1 Added the Auto-Help feature, and context menus when the player clicks on their current square.
1.2 Fixed a bug which could cause 68K Macs to crash. Added 'Finished Raft' message. Added a circle to highlight the current player.
1.3 Both 68K and PPC code now compiled from a common source.
1.4 The current player highlight can be turned off. The map can optionally have gridlines. Added some cheats. Added 'Are you sure about ending...' message.