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The download link is broken

If you cannot download my software because the download file could not be found, please let me know by emailing to

Help for *.dmg files (OS X)

When downloading * or *.dmg.gz files for Mac OS X, your internet browser should create a *.dmg file on your desktop. To extract the software from this file, double-click on the file to open it. This will put an new disk on your desktop (note this disk is not real, and is only temporary). To install the software, drag the contents of the disk to your Applications folder.

Help for *.hqx files (Classic)

Normally when you click on the download link, your internet browser should automatically extract the software from the *.hqx file. If this does not happen, and you only have a *.hqx file, you will need to do this manually. This is easy to do. Open the Stuffit Expander application, which most Macs have pre-installed. Select Expand from the File menu. Choose the *.hqx in the open file window. Stuffit Expander will extract the software in the same folder as the *.hqx file.

More Help

If you are having problems which aren't covered by the above topics, please send an email about it to