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After a mysterious boating accident, you find yourself stranded on a small tropical island. Life isn't so bad here: there's food, wood, and gold for the taking, so why leave? Well, even paradise has its dark moments, and this particular paradise is about to be wiped off the map by a hurricane. Your newfound life of leisure has turned into a lesson in bare survival. Avoid starving to death, chop wood, build a boat, and get off that sand pile. Before you leave, you might even have enough time to line your pockets with the gold that still litters the island.

Version: 1.3; Release Date: September, 1998
License: Freeware

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OS Version  Requires
Classic Mac OS 7.0 or later; 256 colors
Mac OS X Classic Compatibility Environment

Version History

Version Changes
1.0 The Original.
1.1 Improved error handling. Active player is now highlighted. Added Repeat sub-menu. High score ranking changed.
1.2 Fixed window resizing to work properly on large screens. Removed black triangles from edge of map.
1.3 Allowed player to move using the mouse. User interface graphics updated.