About Me

The Basics

Name: Marcus Albert Sidney Boxall
Nickname: Boka
Where: Melbourne, Australia
Occupation: Sofware Developer

At this moment in time, I'm living in Melbourne with my wife Kirsten. For my real job, I work on a fund management and trading system. Finding time to develop Macintosh shareware is becoming difficult, but I'll manage somehow...

Kirsten and I at the 1999 Whitley Ball.

Programming History

This is the story of how it all began. When I was about 12 years old, I was attending Euroa Secondary College. One day, whilst in a class in the computer room, I found a sheet of paper sitting on the desk. It had a BASIC program printed on it. I decided to enter the program into the Apple IIe, and ended up with a ‘Guess The Number’ game. It was enough to make me decide that I’d like to be able to write computer programs too.

During Secondary College I taught myself to program for Macs, and created many unfinished games using TrueBASIC and C. During this time I was, naturally, a very sloppy programmer, but I did manage to finish too many versions of Naughts & Crosses. During my last year of school I wrote Beached, a very simple RPG-like game.

From 1997 to 1999 I did a Bachelor of Computer Science at The University Of Melbourne. In 2000 and 2001, I did my first stint at my current job which mainly involves working with C++, MFC, and SQL. In 2002, I returned to university to complete my degree with an Honours year. I have since returned to my current job.

This sporting life

I have a pretty competitive nature, and this is probably why I enjoy playing sport. For most of my lifetime I have played Cricket and Australian Rules Football. I’m playing neither at the moment, which is a shame, but I am playing mixed Netball and Indoor Soccer, both in social competitions. I also enjoy playing Tennis and Golf.

The Top Ten*

My favorite songs for the week ending February 16, 2002:

  1. I Just Can't Help Believin’, Elvis Presley
  2. Honey Hush, Smacka Fitzgibbon
  3. A Rockin’ Good Way, Brook Benton and Dinah Washington
  4. Little Ole Wine Drinker, Me, Dean Martin
  5. She’s My Baby, Johnny O’Keefe
  6. Plain Jane, Bobby Darin
  7. Don’t Destroy Me, Crash Craddock
  8. Balwyn Calling, Skyhooks
  9. Hooked On A Feeling, B.J. Thomas
  10. Faded Love, Patsy Cline

* my musical tastes resemble a 50 year old.